T-N-T Artistry, Inc. is not just an entity that provides products and services….it’s a brand that stands for educating the masses and inspiring others to be great! T-N-T Artistry, Inc. was born in 2011 in Tori’s home and solely provided professional makeup services.

In 2013, T-N-T Artistry, Inc. expanded its services to cover both professional makeup and skincare services. Still practicing in the home, Exquis Face Candy, a full cosmetic and skincare line, was born. Wanting to reach a broader population, T-N-T Artistry, Inc. relocated into a small suite, but after a couple of months, outgrew the space. Present day, T-N-T Artistry, Inc. is located in the Beverly neighborhood of Chicago, IL.



Tori Vera Prince, often referred to as “ToriBan”, is a non-traditional traditionalist. Tori’s passion for beauty started as a young girl when she would watch her mother transform herself into the “belle of the ball’ before special events. She was taken aback by how makeup could enhance and reinforce one’s natural beauty.

Tori walked down a traditional path as a non-traditional parent and excelled in the world of academia by obtaining both a BSc and MPA degree. She now holds the title as a Certified Makeup Artist, Licensed Skin Therapist, and Laser and Light Therapy Technician. Tori’s top priority is skincare and making sure that her clients are educated, and of course, providing top notch service!



“The Lab”, as it’s called, provides an array of services for men, women, and young adults (teens). In addition, they host events, classes, and a great place to become one with your passion.

T-N-T Artistry, Inc. was built by a husband and wife duo on the principles of love, service, and education! Their motto is “Exploding your inner beauty!”