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Victoria Prince, better known as Tori (T) Vera in the artistry business, is a Certified Makeup Artist, Skin Therapist, Laser and Light Therapy Technician & a Personal Stylist. In order to be so diverse, Tori trained diligently and obtained her credentials from the Media Makeup Academy in Chicago, Universal Spa Training Academy and True University. Tori’s passion for all things beauty started as a young girl when she would watch her mother transform herself into the ‘Belle of the ball’ before special events. She was taken aback by how makeup could enhance and reinforce one’s natural beauty.

Like most girls, Tori wanted to be like her mother and tried to recreate what her mother did but on her own body. This is how Tori learned the basics of the trade. Like many teens her age, Tori suffered from breakouts on her face. She took those breakouts as a challenge and with great interest in the health of her skin, began to try to solve the problem. With the wisdom from her mother and her hands on training, Tori continued to excel in the beauty scene. For the past decade, she has freelanced all over the country covering personal shopping services, fashion shows, weddings and has taught makeup application to multiple people.

In 2013, Tori decided to distance herself from the corporate world, push aside her two prestigious degrees and finally put all her dedication towards her dreams in the beauty field. Finally, Tori has a job that isn’t about the money but a job she is truly passionate about. Every day she meets new people of various backgrounds, educates her clients and builds a relationship with people she would have never met in the corporate world. Present day, Tori is building her own brands, T-N-T Artistry & Exquis Face Candy, with an alliance with her brother’s brand- ‘Mackesh Design’.

Tori’s brand offers a voluminous amount of services including makeup, cosmetics, waxing and skincare. Her main focus is ultimately on the health of her clients skin, making sure her clients are educated and of course, top notch quality. Many people that use makeup tend to cover their face with an excessive amount of makeup.  However, Tori lives by the ‘less is more’ ideology.

~”I like to create experiences. I like turning ideas into reality. I love to make people feel something different.”Tyler Brown, Creative Director of Mackesh Design

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